In Honor of Women: A Poem by IWF Sister, Ana Maria Viamonte Ros

March 2024

A granddaughter, a daughter, a mother, a friend,
A spouse, a sister, on whom all can depend.
A woman's journey, long and winding,
Relies on inner strength, values binding.

Her heart, her mind, constant beacons bright,
Guiding, lighting paths, dispelling night.
Her attributes, varied, unique,
Inspire, motivate, the timid to speak.

From boardrooms to classrooms, in fields far and wide,
Women's voices and talents cannot be denied.
In science, art, and leadership they excel,
Shaping a world where all stories can tell.

In nurturing hearts and hands that create,
In wisdom shared and dreams that await,
Women build bridges, break barriers down,
Their impact profound, their influence renowned.

So let's honor their courage, their endless drive,
In shaping a world where all can thrive.
For the tapestry of humanity, they deeply care,
Their contributions, a legacy rare.

Let's revel in a feat, celebrating
All women, joyous, resonating.
United in solidarity, let's stand,
Uplifting each other, hand in hand,

Gratitude, kindness, let us show,
In experiences that make us grow.
Appreciate the sisterhood we share,
A badge of honor, proudly wear.