2024 SFBJ Power Leaders in Real Estate

May 2024
IWF Sisters, Lissette Calderon, Alicia Cervera Lamadrid, and Danet Linares, the trailblazers featured in this year's edition of "Power Leaders in Real Estate" and "Power Brokers" in both Residential and Commercial Real Estate. These three professionals have not only weathered the storms from the Great Recession to the ongoing challenges of high interest rates but have thrived, defining the resilience and optimism that characterizes the South Florida market. Their forward-looking vision emphasizes community building and quality, contributing to the region's prosperity and transforming South Florida's landscape. Through their unwavering commitment and innovative strategies, they exemplify what it means to be true leaders and brokers of change, ensuring a better quality of life for all residents and setting new benchmarks in the real estate industry.