The Florida Forum of IWF is an invitation-only organization of more than 200 women of significant achievement. We are CEOs, entrepreneurs, and business leaders. We are elected officials, artists, attorneys, physicians and social justice leaders. We are exemplary women representing every sector.

We Have a Shared Mission

To Advance Women's Leadership and Champion Equality Worldwide

At IWF, we are committed to advancing women's leadership globally and locally. We champion equality worldwide.

IWF's membership includes more than 7,900 diverse and accomplished women from 33 nations on six continents. We answer high-achieving women leaders' need for a community of diverse thinkers. We are shaping a future in which leadership has no gender and the next generation is inspired and equipped to transform the world. And we won't stop until we get there.
Elinor Guggenheimer
Elinor "Elly" Guggenheimer
Founder of the Women's Forum of New York

Meet the Board

Danet Linares Headshot
Danet Linares
Blanca Commercial Real Estate, Inc.
Lucy Morillo Headshot
Lucy Morillo
LMA Consultants / S Revista
Past President
Melanie Damian Headshot
Melanie Damian
Damian & Valori LLP | Culmo Trial Attorneys
Sara Herald Headshot
Sara Herald
Bilzin Sumberg
Lillian Tamayo Headshot
Lillian Tamayo
President, Promesa Consulting
Board Member
Emily Berlin Headshot
Emily Berlin
Senior Advisor, Energy33 and Ariete Hospitality Group
Board Member
Carol Faber Headshot
Carol Faber
Akerman LLP
Board Member
Brenda Freeman Headshot
Brenda Freeman
Joyeux Advisory Group
Board Member
Loretta McNeir Headshot
Loretta McNeir
Wicks-Group, LLC
Board Member
Ana Salas Siegel Headshot
Ana Salas Siegel
NBC Universal Telemundo Enterprises
Board Member
Adriana Sanchez Headshot
Adriana Sanchez
Goldman Sachs

Past Presidents

Melanie Damian
Melanie Damian
Immediate Past President: 2019-2021
Katy Sorenson
Past President: 2017-2019
Dolores Sukhdkeo
Past President: 2015-2017
Toni Randolph
Past President: 2013-2015
Linda Gassenheimer
Past President: 2011-2013
Marsha Elser
Past President: 2009-2011
Teresa V-F Weintraub
Past President: 2007-2009
Janá Sigars-Malina
Past President: 2005-2007
Arva Moore Parks
Past President: 2003-2005
Kay Hancock Apfel
Kay Hancock Apfel
Past President: 2001-2003
Robin Reiter-Faragalli
Past President: 1999-2001
Kaaren Johnson-Street
Past President: 1995-1998
Tarleton Jeanne Jones
Past President: 1992-1994


The story of the International Women's Forum began when Elinor "Elly" Guggenheimer chair of the New York City Planning Commission went to a meeting in Philadelphia. When she arrived, she was told that the only women allowed in the building were waitresses and maids. Determined to participate, Elly found a maid's uniform, put it on and took her rightful place at the table. At that moment, she knew something had to change.

In 1974, Elly established the organization that grew to become IWF. She had three partners in this endeavor: Muriel Siebert, the first woman to own a seat on the New York Stock Exchange; Eleanor Holmes Norton, now Delegate to the U.S. House of Representatives representing the District of Columbia; and Muriel Fox, one of the first female public relations executives and founder of NOW.

Their stated goal: "Bring together women of diverse accomplishments and provide them with a forum for the exchange of ideas and experiences."

At the time, women were just beginning to break into the highest levels of leadership. One woman ascended the Fortune 500 list with the first female CEO as another woman was about to scale Mount Everest.

Today, we are those CEOs and mountain climbers. We are Nobel Laureates and sports legends; entrepreneurs and film stars; astronauts, prime ministers and presidents.

We support the emerging leaders of tomorrow who will achieve breakthroughs that cannot yet be imagined.

After nearly 50 years, we continue to bring together the world's most high-achieving women. We connect and promote more than 7,000 leaders across 33 countries around the world. We are truly global.